Five Inspirational Ways You Can Help a Shelter and Become a Volunteer


Many of us want to get involved in helping others or helping animals, but we never have the time to do so. Either that, or we don’t have the foggiest of where to start. Shelters are often short-staffed, with little to no budget to work with. A lot of the time the animals in their care have to get medical attention, which is funded by those kind-hearted souls willing to sponsor money.

If you have always wanted to help a shelter, but are not in the position to provide financial support, there are many other ways you can help out. In this post we’ll take a look at some of these.

1. Spread Some Flyers

Shelters very seldom have the workforce to take care of every aspect of a business, even more so when it comes to marketing. Why not volunteer your time and hand out some of your local shelter’s flyers around town?

2. Use Your Talents

Everyone has a talent that they can make available to shelters. If you are a whizz at social media, why not volunteer to run your local shelter’s profiles? If you are a designer you can help them with marketing or building their website.

3. Volunteer to Walk Dogs

As mentioned, shelters rarely have enough staff to take care of mundane things like taking the dogs for walks. They might be so full that they can’t get around to taking all of the dogs. You can help them out and volunteer to walk some of the dogs if you have the time.

4. Visit Shelters to Pet Animals

Shelter animals are always in need of some extra care and attention. The circumstances at shelters are also not always allowing every animal to get the love and affection they need and crave. Dedicate some of your time and spend some time petting or playing with some of the animals.

5. Share Adoption Profiles

There are thousands of animals up for adoption, if not millions, around the globe. If every person would share one adoption profile on their social media account, chances are someone they know will be interested in adopting.

If you are a fellow animal lover, you would understand how much time shelter staff spend in something they care about. Thank them for their hard work. If you can, always opt to adopt. Unfortunately, there is a stigma that surrounds shelter dogs. Read what Cesar Milan says about the myths of shelter dogs.

Let’s help bust these myths and support shelters all over the US!

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