7 Arguments for Opting to Adopt a Dog


While a lot of people would rather buy a puppy than adopt an older rescue dog, there is much to learn from this process. And, while you want to get a new addition to your family, why not get a rescue dog instead of supporting a breeder?

If you are thinking of getting a furry best friend, here are seven reasons why you should think about adopting one.

#1: Money Can’t Buy Love

You’ll probably have to cough up quite a lot of money if you buy a new puppy. And you’ll have to foot all the vet bills too. Adopting a dog will cost you much less than buying one would. In return for this great act of love and kindness, you’ll get a loyal companion for life.

#2: Vaccinations Already Covered

In the majority of cases, shelters take care of vaccinations and neuters or spaying and this would be included in your adoption bill. This is however not the case when you buy a puppy from a puppy mill. You would have to go to the vet and have everything done on top of paying a ridiculous amount for your pup.

#3: Housetraining is Covered

This is not necessarily true in all cases, but in most cases, it is. Usually, dogs given up for adoption at rescues and shelters come from homes where they have gone through training. If you are adopting an older fellow or lady, you won’t have to go through the process of potty training them either.

#4: You’ll be Sticking it to Puppy Mills

By not supporting the industry, you’ll be sticking it to them. Those who buy dogs online or from pet stores are more than likely to get dogs from puppy mills. If you opt for adoption, your money will not go to them and feed the horrible sick cycle of puppy mills.

#6: You’ll be Helping Others

It’s quite simple. Firstly, by adopting you are lifting the weight at the shelter and making space for any newcomers or strays. Secondly, the money you pay for your adopted buddy will go directly towards housing, feeding, medical costs, and other expenses to cover for other rescues in the shelter.

#7: You’ll Save a Life

Lastly, you will save the life of a helpless animal. Statistics show that there are 2.7 million rescue animals euthanized annually because they did not find a loving home. When you adopt a dog, you will actively save his life by providing him with a second chance at a forever home.

Are you inspired to adopt your very first rescue? Maybe you need some more inspiration. Read this tear-jerking story about a great initiative that provides food for dogs of the homeless.If you are ready to take the plunge and adopt, check out PETAs list of adoptable pets.

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