4 Helpful Tips on Welcoming a Rescue into Your home


Are you thinking about adopting a rescue dog? Do you suspect that its previous owners abused the dog? Even though adopting him is a step in the right direction, it can be a slow and difficult path to rehabilitation. It will take some time and patience, and loads of cuddles and love too.

In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips on how you can make the process easier on both you and the new doggy.

#1: Book an Appointment with Your Vet

Your rescue animal would more than likely have undergone a medical check before you took him home. But, it’s best to book an appointment with your veterinarian anyway. This should be done within the first two weeks of him joining your household. Be sure to inquire about a specific diet and other health issues you may want to address.

#2: Investigate Their Behavior Closely

You will have no idea what it is your new addition had gone through when you get home. Be sure to note on specific habits and ticks to get to know him a bit better. This will help you understand his behavior and his history too. And, you will know what kind of food or treats he likes, whether he’s afraid of loud noises or if he suffers from separation anxiety.

#3: Apply Housetraining if Necessary

Do it anyway. When taking in a rescued dog, you’ll have absolutely no idea (in most cases) where he came from or what exactly his history is. You won’t know his previous circumstances or know whether or not he’s been housetrained. Go through the motions as you would with a new puppy, rewarding him for good behavior with treats, praises, and cuddles.

#4: Be Patient

Not every adoption case is going to be the same. As long as you are patient with him, you should do fine. But take care and be extra patient because it may take a bit longer for your rescue to adapt and accept his new living conditions. Reward him for good behavior, shower him with love and praises and do what you can to make him feel loved and accepted.

There are so many doggos who are up for adoption at rescues and shelters around the world. Whatever the reason they find themselves here is irrelevant. The fact that they deserve a second chance in finding a forever home filled with love is. If you have space and love to share, consider adopting a rescue. Here’s a list with some of the best shelters and rescues in California you can contact today.

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